Where did Costa Come From?

Costa Vida is a Love Story

It began with a couple on a beach in Mexico. The dream they shared as they walked hand in hand would become the first Costa Vida location. Later, in a literal leap of faith, two friends on a boat plunged into the warm water of the Sea of Cortez. Bobbing with dolphins in the setting sun, they realized in this perfect moment that buying Costa Vida, and building it into a beloved brand, was now their dream and destiny too.

We Keep the Love Alive

Every year as a group we revisit our food roots along Mexico’s Pacific coast. We take a walking food tour, stopping at local taco shops & tortilla factories along the way. We wander in, roll up our sleeves, make tortillas and taste the local foods—nourishing our stomachs (and souls too). We call it R&D. We call it a way to bond as a team. But ultimately, it’s how we stay connected to our brand’s vision, purpose & promise. And how we’re able to continually serve you the same magical flavors and feelings we fell in love with years ago.

We brought back the food and feeling we craved.